Paul Hillier Image Maker

Paul Hillier is a learning-enabled bio human compiled in Montreal and shipped worldwide to gather the knowledge and skills required to create an image that will one day bring about world peace and universal understanding.

At his current level (+3 to visuals, -2 to common sense) Paul has taken photos in strange and sometimes dangerous places, of stranger and sometimes dangerous people. His work has appeared in Popular Photography’s Photo Manual, Maclean’s, Temptress, and online at CNN, Cracked, Geek x Girls and Comics Alliance.

To revel in the wonder of his photography, visit his website or check in on one the following social media sites, before they get smart and ban him.

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When Krissy came up to me and told me she was engaged i couldn’t be more excited until she told me about with her idea to do a Blade Runner inspired engagement shoot… I believe the term the kids are using now days is, OMFG YES!
Krissy Myers & Ken Wheaton
Assistant: Neil Ta
Photography: Me 
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    my friend from high school and her boo are getting married and check out these cool photos!
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