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Paul Hillier is a learning-enabled bio human compiled in Montreal and shipped worldwide to gather the knowledge and skills required to create an image that will one day bring about world peace and universal understanding.

At his current level (+3 to visuals, -2 to common sense) Paul has taken photos in strange and sometimes dangerous places, of stranger and sometimes dangerous people. His work has appeared in Popular Photography’s Photo Manual, Maclean’s, Temptress, and online at CNN, Cracked, Geek x Girls and Comics Alliance.

To revel in the wonder of his photography, visit his website or check in on one the following social media sites, before they get smart and ban him.

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I like to think of Anime Conventions like epic photo walks. You never know what you’re going to see but you can be sure that it’ll be worth pointing your camera at. 

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a dark, dark deconstruction of an anime. I love it and according to Anime North I’m not the only one. Here’s a collection of the Madoka Magica Cosplay that I photographed at AN 2013

Featuring: Dangerous Ladies Alex Warner  and more

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Next Level Con Ground Cosplay Photography! Featuring the super talented Judy Lim as Viper from Street Fighter 4

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An advanced sample of my Anime North photo project. Proof that you can take half decent photos in a convention’s parking lot

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Paul Hillier Photography presents Project Fat Ninja! For Anime North

In an effort to bring his con photography to the next level Photo Ninja Paul Hillier will be bulking up and bringing out all the toys. A mobile photo studio set up to shine the most epic light on the most excellent people of Anime North. stay tuned to for more updates! 

photos are from a lighting test in Dundas Square with GillyKilns and Jessi Van Miinx

I’m also looking for Photo Assassinates PM me if your interested in helping out.

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Quick Edit of all the dancing and geek tunes at Anime North this year!

Check out the full Cosplay Gallery here:

Shot at Anime North 2012 Check out the fully Gallery here:

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I was writing someone recently and telling them about the recent projects that I’ve had the opportunity to work on this past month and kind of impressed myself in the end. I still have a very long way to go to get to where I envision I can be. But I figure that if I can keep this up and continue to grow with every shoot I actually might get there. Naughtymess: Featured on (Fashion Magazine)


Lucha Latex: Featured on (Cracked) Full Lucha Gallery at (Kink Engineering “some almost NSFW images on site”)


Anime North: Featured on (Blog TO) Full gallery on (Facebook)


Project Overboard

  TOJam: More here Full gallery on (Facebook)

  Empowered Cosplay Fan Shoot: Featured on (Comics Alliance) (Geeks are Sexy)(Adam Warren’s Blog!!!) (Italian Blogs) (reddit) (random website where they cropped my images…) and kind of everywhere.

  Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Featured on (Comics Fully Gallery on (Facebook)

  And a bunch of other awesome projects that I can’t quite show off yet!    

Anime North Day3 Gallery

Check out the full gallery here:

Anime North Day2 Gallery

Check out the full gallery here: