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Paul Hillier is a learning-enabled bio human compiled in Montreal and shipped worldwide to gather the knowledge and skills required to create an image that will one day bring about world peace and universal understanding.

At his current level (+3 to visuals, -2 to common sense) Paul has taken photos in strange and sometimes dangerous places, of stranger and sometimes dangerous people. His work has appeared in Popular Photography’s Photo Manual, Maclean’s, Temptress, and online at CNN, Cracked, Geek x Girls and Comics Alliance.

To revel in the wonder of his photography, visit his website or check in on one the following social media sites, before they get smart and ban him.

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Downtown Toronto at night taken with my new Nikon D800 with the Tokina 11-16mmDX. This lens works surprisingly well in FX mode as you can see.

Great behind the scene snap from Ego Assassin of the Jade Vixen shoot.  The very photo I took from this snap can be seen here


Behind the scenes: Paul Hillier getting a great back shot of Jade Vixen. | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr

A couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to shoot the stunning Jade Vixen for Ego Assassin in Jeff Hui’s Studio.  Love my life!

Preview of Empowered cosplay shoot on Flickr. | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Me doing some research on set for a cosplay fan shoot of Empowered in honor of the artist (Adam Warren) visiting this weekend for TCAF.

I’ll be releasing the photos on Monday but until then enjoy this little snapshot my friend Matt snapped on his iphone.

The awesome sport who agreed to help me out for this shoot and dress up as the character is my good friend Christine. See more of her here:!info.

Toronto Street Style on Flickr.

Ainsley and events and publications coordinator caught my eye while walking down queen street.

Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style

colourful hair style on Flickr.

Kayleigh, a visual artist and Arly a culinary student were seen here rocking awesome hair colours so much so that i had no choice other than to take their photos.

Keyleigh’s outfit was inspired by 40’s glam & “favorite things”
Inspiration: Ave Gardner

Arlyk’s outfit is also 40’s style made by herself.
Inspiration: Dean martin

colourful hair style

colourful hair style

colourful hair style

Toronto Street Fashion on Flickr.

Erin here purchased her outfit today in Little India (gerrard st bazarre), but the red umbrella is from china town.
“the more i wear saris, the more i love them, I even farm in them for my urban farming collective.

Toronto Street Fashion Toronto Street Fashion Toronto Street Fashion

Zombie Street Fashion on Flickr.

I was just chillin on queen and young in front of the Eaton Center when i see a bunch of brightly coloured teenagers one with zombie make-up. I would love it if this were to pick up and actually become a main stream fashion trend.

Toronto Street Fashion on Flickr.

Baby blue hair facilitator to match dress (crinoline underneath) socks were $60 from japan, Shoes too!

Baby doll harajuku style

Toronto Street Fashion Toronto Street Fashion