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Paul Hillier is a learning-enabled bio human compiled in Montreal and shipped worldwide to gather the knowledge and skills required to create an image that will one day bring about world peace and universal understanding.

At his current level (+3 to visuals, -2 to common sense) Paul has taken photos in strange and sometimes dangerous places, of stranger and sometimes dangerous people. His work has appeared in Popular Photography’s Photo Manual, Maclean’s, Temptress, and online at CNN, Cracked, Geek x Girls and Comics Alliance.

To revel in the wonder of his photography, visit his website or check in on one the following social media sites, before they get smart and ban him.

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Maleficent (part two of two) (see oen of one here

D800, ISO64, Sigma Art 35mm, F3.2, 1/80sec 

Photoshop is a 4 letter word.

Photoshop is a tool. It’s not evil, or good. It’s not responsible for our body image issues and self esteem problems, for that, there’s a lot of blame to go around and I may write about that one day but for now. Photoshop is a tool and this is about how I use that tool from time to time. 

I do a lot of photography from Weddings, Events, Fashion ect but I only “really” break out photoshop in all it’s glory when I want to create works of fantasy like with the above Maleficent photoshoot. When I was shooting I knew that i was going to be modifying it quite a bit so my mindset goes from capturing a beautiful image to capturing the raw elements that I’ll need to make a beautiful image in the future. 

01 Raw Image. (original)
Always shoot in Raw format. It keeps all delicious image info that you’ll need when processing the image in Lightroom and exporting to photoshop as I did here.

Touch up:
Once in photoshop I start with the physical edits, correcting blemishes and adjusting make-up and props.  I do as much as i can here and then flatten the image again to speed up the following steps.

02 Subject layer
This is where things start to take shape. I used primarily curves layer adjustment and masks (you’ll see this a lot) to dodge and burn adding more depth to the subject and to help bring her out from the background. As well this is always useful when photographing latex to give that material it’s pop.

03 Background
We had a fog machine! I promise but the wind was too strong and the machine too finicky. So once again using primarily curves and layer masks I drew in some fog to help separate the subject from the background, add some mood and help bring out the layout I saw when shooting. Framing Munificent between the fallen trees.  

04 Colour Grading
The final look at feel was accomplished using…you guessed it, Curves! and Hue/Saturation. I used this still

from the movie as inspiration and matched the colours in the shadows and again in the highlights to achieve the final look. End results, something menacing emerging from a forbidden forest I think was achieved.

Marika of Kink Engineering: Costume creation / MUA
Vudu Juju: Talented talent and awesome nerdy nerd.
Ego Assassin: Dress making geniuses 
Me: Photographer, pusher of camera and keyboard buttons.

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Check it out! The fashion video I did of Amplify Accessories new line for FAT- Arts & Fashion Week
I’m So proud to finally see my little baby video all grown up and released to the world! 

The how:
Nikon D800, (the same camera i use for all my photography)
50mm & 85mm lens’
Slider and Tripod combo
2 Lowel Constant lights. (often used for back lighting)
Edited using Adobe Premier and After Effects

Amplify Apparel by Allie Wood,
MUA: Larissa Palaszczuk
Hair: Chris Hassell
Models: Vanessa Kiraly, Erica Furness, Severin Stargher, Liam Colbourne, Bri Playter,
Assistant Ninja: Ross Alexander

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Downtown Toronto at night taken with my new Nikon D800 with the Tokina 11-16mmDX. This lens works surprisingly well in FX mode as you can see.

Stylin on the streets on Flickr.


In the forms that I often get the style inclined to sign I have a place where they can write and tell me about what they are wearing but in the winter months it’s difficult enough to write your name yet alone what you’re wearing. As such I’m tossing around the idea to start writing the temperature as the description as in “today was -3 C #Canada #winter”

Stylin on the streets Stylin on the streets

Toronto Street Style on Flickr.

Ainsley and events and publications coordinator caught my eye while walking down queen street.

Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style

Toronto Street Fashion on Flickr.

Alana R. J. 3rd year student

Hat is self-made. 

Toronto Street Fashion Toronto Street Fashion

Toronto Street Fashion on Flickr.

Sahar, a student and editor of Rostam magazine sporting and Anne Sofie back coat, Dr.Marten shoes, C.C. skye purse and Jason wv glasses.

Inspired by Lapo Elkann and Jarvis Cocker.

Toronto Street Fashion Toronto Street Fashion

Toronto street fashion *gothic lolita week* on Flickr.

Day 2 or 3 of Lolita week as seen on the street we have Alyssa, a waitress wearing Dear Celine and inspired by Neo Victoriana

Toronto street fashion *gothic lolita week*

Furry Street Style on Flickr.

Mary here works at Fairies Pajamas and makes costumes.

About her outfit: “Meowzers” are costumes i make and sell

Inspirations: Crazy Hippies!!<3

Furry Street Style

Street Fashion Toronto on Flickr.

This is Miranda,
A super friendly Actress / Model / Rubber art designer!

She actually made her own purse out of rubber

her super cool boots are costume painted by Soultret.

Inspirations: Garbage / Recycling / Fairies

Street Fashion Toronto
Street Fashion Toronto
Street Fashion Toronto