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Paul Hillier is a learning-enabled bio human compiled in Montreal and shipped worldwide to gather the knowledge and skills required to create an image that will one day bring about world peace and universal understanding.

At his current level (+3 to visuals, -2 to common sense) Paul has taken photos in strange and sometimes dangerous places, of stranger and sometimes dangerous people. His work has appeared in Popular Photography’s Photo Manual, Maclean’s, Temptress, and online at CNN, Cracked, Geek x Girls and Comics Alliance.

To revel in the wonder of his photography, visit his website or check in on one the following social media sites, before they get smart and ban him.

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A Few Months ago the beautiful NaughtyMess Contacted me to do gallery for Chloe magazine of her and some of her favorite stores around town. This is what we got. 

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And the last of the summer Street Style blowout finally concludes with a gallery of photos that I took of the Fab @naughtymess for Chloe Magazine. 


This is: Ariana
She is: An Information officer
Wearing BCBG Bag + Dress, H&M Shoes

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This is the second to last post on Street Fashion from this blowing out the back catalog. Street Style Station will be going on hiatus for a little bit. Fashion generally movies indoors during winter in Canada and I’m spending all my time these days on my photography these days.  


Occupation: Entrepreneur
Style: Laundry Day

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Day two of emptying out the left over street fashion photos from over the summer. check out for more. 

Toronto winter fashion on Flickr.

Profession: Writer

Toronto winter fashon Toronto winter fashon

Stylin on the streets on Flickr.


In the forms that I often get the style inclined to sign I have a place where they can write and tell me about what they are wearing but in the winter months it’s difficult enough to write your name yet alone what you’re wearing. As such I’m tossing around the idea to start writing the temperature as the description as in “today was -3 C #Canada #winter”

Stylin on the streets Stylin on the streets

Street Styling in Toronto on Flickr.

Lisa L.

The girlfriend of our previous entry Alex

Street Styling in Toronto Street Styling in Toronto

Street Fashion Toronto Winter on Flickr.

Alex Puig

Street Fashion Toronto Winter Street Fashion Toronto Winter

Toronto Street Style on Flickr.

Middle class London Vibe
“we aspire not inspire”

Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style Toronto Street Style